Who Should Apply

1. Any organisation:

(1) that is incorporated or organised under the laws of Malaysia that carries on the business of asset management in Malaysia; and

(2) is:

(i) the holder of a current fund manager’s licence under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007;or
(ii) an exempt fund manager under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007; or
(iii) such like-minded Organisations which, at the discretion of the Committee, qualifies for membership of the Association; or
(iv) approved by any other legislation which regulates the Asset Management industry; or

(3) that is any conglomerate organisation.

2. A copy of each relevant licence(s) mentioned in 1 above must be enclosed with the Application Form and submitted to the Association on an annual basis with the annual subscription fee.

3. Each member may nominate not more than 2 Representatives to attend and vote at general meetings, to issue and receive all notices and generally transact all business relating to the Association. The acts of each nominated representative whose name is entered in the Register of the Association will bind that member regardless of whether or not that nominated representative was authorised to act on its behalf generally or in relation to that matter.

4. The Applicant will provide the full names and addresses of the nominated representatives.