Member Benefits

Presently being offered or being arranged:

  • Insights into Regulatory direction, say a quarterly newsletter on regulatory issues including for example, LIAM investment management issues;
  • Topical seminars such as those hosted by Ernst & Young (PPS seminar), Deutsche Bank (outsourcing seminar),
  • Participation in SIDC initiatives,
  • Preferential rates for members (full and affiliate) education seminars, professional insurance, advertising, links
  • Participation in the Mercer market mandate survey.
  • Participation in the MAAM fund size survey
  • Representation of views at all regulatory agencies
  • Sub-committee focussing on education, continuing professional education, standardisation of performance presentation standards, Professional Conduct Program, Issues special to independent firms
  • Anonymity when an individual members wish not to have its identity associated with a specific issue; Neutral Executive Secretary to present issues on their merits.


  • Minimum quarterly dialogs between say LIAM or FIMM with MAAM marketing sub-committee members and as and when issues arise